Target picture of Commerz Systems

We are IT
Whether application development or application operation, hardware or software: we have the expertise to address our customers’ needs with precise and cost-effective solutions.

We are a reliable partner
We know our customers and their challenges like no other. That is exactly the reason why they put their confidence in us and we are entrusted with additional tasks and increasing responsibility as a managed service provider.

We are doers
We tackle the challenges and always focus on solutions. We look beyond our own noses, always having an eye open for improvements – and we are not only open to new ideas, but brave enough to bring them to life.

We are the best out of start-up and enterprise
As an independent subsidiary of Commerzbank, we are an established company with all the advantages of a group. At the same time, we have a start-up spirit. We are proud to offer a large number of social benefits and we are also flexible, modern and innovative. We are growing, and at the same time we will maintain our ability to make quick decisions.

We are without borders
We work across multiple locations in international teams. We provide our services from locations that enable us to deliver efficiently and take advantage of cultural diversity.

We are drivers of change
We realise that continuous change is the norm – for our customers and for ourselves. Collectively, we shape change together: systematically, focused, and with a sense of ownership.

We are innovators
We rely on modern IT solutions, services and procedures. We also optimise existing systems and proven technologies. For us, innovation includes both work results as well as up-to-date work practices and a modern working environment.

We are agile
For us, agility is more than just hype. Using short release cycles, and products, features, and knowledge that add value, we enable our customers to be successful.

We are 1
We are proud of our corporate identity, regardless of location or field of activity.

Because we deliver
As a service provider, customer focus and performance are integral parts of our attitude. We rely on service level agreements, use key performance indicators (KPI) to manage, and strive for a continuous improvement process (CIP).

Because we take on responsibility
In our company, everybody – regardless of hierarchy level and role – bears responsibility for their tasks and results in a team.

Because we are intrapreneurs
We live according to the principle: Act as if it were your own company. Everybody bears financial responsibility in their role and beyond and analyses their actions in terms of profitability and compliance.

Because we communicate competently
Our communication is tailored to our target group, accurate, and well-timed – both internally and externally.

Because we are team players
We are all aware of our responsibility to deliver results and how we can contribute to success – both individually and as a team. We shape our cooperation across multiple locations to boost this contribution.

Because we shape digital innovation
We identify digital potential. We use it ourselves and integrate it in innovative and effective customer solutions.

Because we make time for leadership
Our management culture is characterized by the undertaking and transfer of responsibility, being a role model, appreciating individual performance, and developing our most important asset: our employees.

Because we integrate feedback into our daily business
Our feedback culture is defined by addressing praise and criticism promptly, and respectfully, across all hierarchy levels.

Because we live an active Error Management culture
When errors occur, we treat them openly and responsibly, and focus on solutions.


The company history of Commerz Systems.


Commerz Systems is represented in Bremen, Eschborn, Lodz and Prague