Application Development

The needs and challenges of our business are characterised by a constant stream of new technologies and a rapidly changing marketplace, including demanding regulatory standards, the complex management of large databases, information security standards and evolving risk management requirements. Consequently, banking applications must meet a wide array of often complex demands. In addition, we have found that digitalisation is accelerating the pace of change for our business and impacts everything from new digital and subsidiary strategies and the development of forward-looking sales channels to overall changes in client communications. As an independent IT provider maintaining an agile environment, we are receptive to these evolving business requirements and technology trends and rely on the competencies and skills of our people to efficiently respond to these changes.

Our teams have extensive technical know-how and exposure to a broad range of banking processes. Responsibilities cover a number of complex IT applications across the entire trade life cycle and all IT development stages. These include construction of databases, IT infrastructure, mainframes using traditional technologies and web and client server applications using Java and .NET.

As our business operates in many areas of Commerzbank, there is genuine cross-pollination of ideas and views between the different teams, technologies, products and functions. We also offer training courses and certifications for employees to ensure we apply industry-leading standards in our client solutions.

Application Operations

Our application operations teams go a long way to minimise operational risk


Commerz Systems is represented in Bremen, Eschborn, Lodz and Prague