Investment Banking Technology

Investment banking technology forms a core part of our service and expertise as a company. Supporting Commerzbank’s corporates and markets division requires a strong understanding of the nature of this business and how to best deliver swift yet effective IT solutions.

Our investment banking technology support areas are aligned with Commerzbank business units, allowing us to experience and understand the “pulse of the market”. IB is a fast-moving and agile environment and our teams take a flexible service-oriented approach and apply extensive technical, product and process knowledge. We combine technical rigor with a focus on results to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions in a timely manner, whilst closely interacting and aligning with Commerzbank IT. Outlined below are the different domain areas we serve and the expertise our teams offer.

Technology support for EMC spans from packaged software to in-house developments predominantly focussed on sales, trade capture and position management. Equity Markets & Commodities (EMC) has a global presence and is largely based in Frankfurt and London. Sales, trading and structuring are provided by this group, with a focus on private banking, institutional and corporate clients, and manufacturing financial products for retail distribution networks.

Our business unit Fixed Income & Currencies supports an extensive range of products and services across all these investment categories. We offer an institutionalised, multinational, cross-product service to support our customers (particularly corporations and institutions) to manage risks, realise opportunities and act effectively on them.

We are leaders when it comes to electronic FX trading and structuring technology – our primary focus – having built the state-of-the-art platforms Commander and Kristall.

Regulation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ensures the timely and efficient delivery of regulatory requirements for the Investment Banking division. These can range from ad-hoc requirements to the development and maintenance of individually designed solutions for the reporting system. Moreover, the maintenance and optimisation of the CRM application takes place in close coordination with the business departments.

Technology infrastructure is responsible for data centre technology, service centre operation and infrastructure delivery processes. We must ensure consistency in delivery and both offer and deploy monitoring tools.

Technology support of Market Data Distribution Services (MDDS) ensures consistent and stable integration, monitors and analyses usage as well as leads the company’s interaction with market data providers. MDDS is the primary source of near-time and historical market data. It offers a global platform for the calculation of derived market data (e.g. interest rate curves, credit spreads, volatility surfaces, etc…) and provides statistical parameters (e.g. correlations, volatilities, etc.). MDDS provides consistent market data and calculation methods for all asset classes, markets and time zones.

Commercial Banking Technology

We develop and manage IT solutions for the commercial banking division.


Commerz Systems is represented in Bremen, Eschborn, Lodz and Prague