Commercial Banking Technology

We develop and manage IT solutions for the commercial banking division, which is at the core of Commerzbank’s business. It is an extremely large division housing a number of specialist areas, such as retail banking, SME commercial or ‘Mittelstand’ banking, complex payment transaction systems and highly-developed risk and compliance management systems.

The range of services offered by Commerz Systems includes varied roles in the development and management of challenging IT systems and in terms of technology covers the entire range of modern multilayer architectures - from the established mainframe to highly specialised client/server applications. Client server technologies in Java and Microsoft .NET environments are connected to the mainframe development under COBOL and DB2, and we also operate large, independent environments such as SAP.

In addition to being an IT company, Commerz Systems is known for bringing together banking specialisation with deep technical knowledge. Our breadth and depth of expertise surrounding banking processes and applications means that we are a source of expert knowledge and services to the wider Commerzbank group.

Investment Banking Technology

Investment banking technology forms a core part of our service and expertise ...


Commerz Systems is represented in Bremen, Eschborn, Lodz and Prague